Why you should do the six-week challenge

Once or twice a year, TNT has a six-week fat incinerator challenge. It’s open to the public and it’s a chance to win raffles and awesome prizes. Depending on your diet and how hard you work, you might also give yourself a much-improved body!

But these are extrinsic rewards – getting prizes and glory in the fitting room aren’t the only things you can look forward to. Competing in this challenge could be life-changing, in many more ways.

Pushing your limits

At TNT, they say “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!” Working out becomes a little more serious for you, because you have more focus and a clearer goal during the challenge! You’re well aware of what you want, and how you’ll get there. And you’ll give the best performance you can, because you’ll be making a plan for success, and then getting expert advice, training, and daily motivation.

Bonus: By pushing your limits, you’ll likely also gain some new-found confidence! Confidence is attractive, and feels great!

Inspiring others

We all know that making other people change is basically, impossible. One of my favorite sayings is “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” And so, all are we are able to do to help others is inspire them. By your healthful actions and also the successes that naturally come about in your life and health, you will inspire others.

What if someone you love improves his or her self, feels better, or lives longer, because he or she was inspired by you? Wouldn’t that feel awesome?

Learning and educating yourself

It’s sometimes easier to study when you really, really care about the information that you seek. During the six-week challenge, you might find yourself looking up information, doing some calculations, reading the labels on food and beverages more, and a variety of other educative activities. You’ll care more about information that might contribute to a win! And you will be able to use your new smarts, throughout the rest of your life.

Drop other excuses

The fact that you’ve signed up, paid money, and decided to “show up” for this challenge, means you are committed to trying, and that means, you’ll be doing things a little differently for the next 6 weeks. You’ll be making sure you hit workouts and eat right. You’ll be keeping hydrated and feeling extra-healthy. When things that are less-important than your current goals come up, you will know to not be distracted or set off-course, so you can maintain your focus on the goal at hand.

Excuses are much easier to make, when there’s less at stake. Take advantage of this opportunity to better yourself, with maximum support and motivation surrounding you!

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