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Each client is unique based on his/her goals whether it is focused on weight management, health related or performance through diet and education.

It all starts with wanting to make a change, its easy to say but to do is what will lead you to goals and results. If you are ready to adjust or change your eating habits; become educated and gain more self-confidence, the hardest step is already done. Get Started today and make your health a priority.

Below are options to get started today! If needing more guidance or support during your health journey, packages are offered as well!

Ala carte

One 45-minute consultation

Aimed to focus on an assessment with the client, to go over current eating habits, answer any questions on current diet, provide feed back based on goals and questions.


One 30 minute
follow up

Must have done initial consultation before offering this option

Aimed to reassess diet and goals to see if progression is occurring. To reevaluate if needed or offer education nutrition related of client’s choice.


meal plan

Based on clients’ goals/needs, a personalized and structured meal plan put together to help guide towards realistic and sustainable goals. 3-day food log required.


Initial Consultation/
Assessment plus customized meal plan

Includes both initial consultation and a customized meal plan based on your gender, height, weight, goals and healthy changes to be made to lifestyle.


Ask about our Nutrition packages

Our packages are aimed for a habit or sustainable lifestyle change. Based on your goals and lifestyle, more guidance/education/accountability is offered.

Benefits of our program!

Diet not only plays a vital role in your health, but also will help towards the prevention of chronic illness. Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist can guide you towards your health goals with a specialized and holistic approach based on your needs and goals through diet and education. There are multiple benefits working with our Registered Dietitian towards your lifestyle change including:


Weight management

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight or maintain, proper education and diet modification will lead to your realistic and sustainable results.


Prevention or management of chronic illness

Diabetes, Heart disease, Renal disease and others can always be managed through diet and education to keep your health a priority.


Meal Planning

Looking to change your diet with a specialized meal plan that matches your, gender, height, weight and goals? A simple and easy modifications to your current diet to help make an easy transition towards a balanced and nutrient dense diet.


Other benefits

Lifestyle change, mental health benefits, better energy levels, physical activity through performance and understanding of food and how it benefits your body needs. 

If you are ready to make a change and make health a priority in Your life, then contact us today. Schedule a consultation to set up your first assessment to get you started!

Have questions on behalf of anything dietary or nutrition related and services provided?

Please reach out at Stevenglassmanrdn@gmail.com

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